Smart Meters


  • 35% of dwellings in Humshaugh have smart meters fitted.
  • There are two types of smart meters, SMETS1 fitted up to about 2018 and SMETS2 fitted after that. SMETS2 are more advanced and needed to take advantage of the new smart tariffs being offered by electricity suppliers.
  • SMETS1 are in general tied to the original electricity supplier and can become dumb when the supplier is changed. This does not happen with the SMETS2 type.
  • SMETS2 meters have serial numbers which start with 19M or 20M etc. They also have a block at the top labelled EDMI.
  • Even the SMETS2 meters are not that smart and new advanced tariffs will need access to the internet to access advanced features.
  • Detailed control and interaction with local generation may require more advanced meters to be fitted.

About the work

The report explains how smart meters work, the differences SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters and the failings of both. It describes more advanced meters that are available. 

Further Details

Smart meters of type SMETS2 could allow consumers to take advantage of new tariffs. Some of these give lower electricity prices by allowing the grid to operate more efficiently and save CO2 at a national level.