• Hydrogen as a fuel is unlikely to be of use in Humshaugh in the near future.
  • Production in the Parish using power from local generators is not economic.
  • If hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles becomes available, it will be sold in larger centres such as Hexham. But no distribution network exists as yet.
  • The lack of a distribution network mean that it is unlikely to make an impact on heating by 2030.
  • The immediate focus for producing hydrogen from green sources will be to mix it into the national gas grid and use it as a feedstock for the chemical industry, in addition to transport.

Further Details

The report contains interesting background information on hydrogen technology and the current economics of hydrogen production.  There is discussion of the production of Green Hydrogen and Blue Hydrogen.


 For people living in Humshaugh there is no infrastructure to allow the use of hydrogen as a green vehicle fuel now and it is not likely in the immediate future.

Heating fuel is cheaper than transport fuel so it is also unlikely hydrogen will provide an alternative by 2030.

Hydrogen will not contribute to cutting our CO2 budget by 2030.