Carbon Footprint Calculator

Last year we calculated the carbon footprint for Humshaugh based on the survey we commissioned. It has allowed us to set a target of what we need to achieve to become “Net Zero” – 5307 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Use the calculator below to explore the scenarios to achieve net zero

About the work

There are many ways we can do this. We can install new renewable energy generation, we can reduce the number of food miles we all create, we can plant trees, we can reduce the amount of oil and LPG we use to heat or houses, we can use renewable energy electricity, electric vehicles, and heat pumps for heating our houses.

We have created our own app to be able to start to review potential scenarios that might develop over the next 10 years and understand the impact of our actions.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

To use the calculator you can move the slider bars on each element of the calculator. The target we need to meet is 5307 tonnes CO2 so you can see the effect of each action that we can take. You can email the result of your scenario to yourself.

The app is new and we would welcome any comments and suggestions for improvement.

Look forward to your feedback