New EV charger in Humshaugh

New NCC charge point near the doctor's surgery

The NCC charge point is a double 7.2kW charge point and is operated by (, as are NCC charge points throughout Northumberland.

 NCC charge points are all pay-to-use and the easiest way to use the charge point is with a dedicated Rolec radiofrequency identification (RFID) card. Cards can be purchased from the Village Shop (£16) or online from, for example, electrical2go (

 To use the card you need to set up (Register) an account at Once the account is set up money can be added by clicking on Wallet on the lefthand menu on the main page (below) and topping-up your account using a credit card.

How to use it

To link the Rolec RFID card to your account, go to the charge point with your RFID card and a smart phone that allows you to access the EVCharge.Online website ( Access the website and login in using the username and password used when you registered your account.

Once you have logged onto the website click My Profile on the lefthand menu (above), then RFID, then Add New RFID + and follow the instructions on how to link the RFID card to your account


The charge point id for our charge point is UKEV7374.


Once your RFID card is registered, to use the charge point simply plug the charging cable into the charge point and your car, and then place the RFID card against the RFID reader on the charge point. A quiet “beep” can be heard as the card is read, after which charging will start.


To stop the charge, disconnect the cable from the car first and then from the charge point. Notification of the start of charging, the cost per kWh and the point being used will be emailed to you at the email address you gave when registering your EVCharge.Online account. Similarly, notification of the amount credited to your account will be emailed to you each time you top-up your wallet with your credit card. EVCharge.Online do not currently (July 2023) offer a mobile phone app, but one is being developed.


EVCharge.Online do not offer telephone support but can be contacted by email at If you have any questions please contact Herbie Newell on 01434 681312 or

Planning permission granted on 14th July 2023
Humshaugh Community Solar project

On 14th July we were granted planning consent by Northumberland County Council for our 1 MW solar project near Lincoln Hill.

It's been a long time since we submitted our application - October 2022. Now our task is to get the project "shovel ready" as soon as possible.

We are now actively completing our agreement with Northern PowerGrid, and completing discussions for the supply of the solar panels.

There will be a meeting on
Thursday 28th September at 7pm in the Village Hall to discuss the project's future

Further details will be sent out nearer the date

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Meetings 2023

Thursday 28th September, 2023 @ 7pm

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Use less & generate locally

With the recent high increase in energy prices, we are promoting using less energy and generating locally.

Time is ticking...

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