By 2025 new houses will not be able to install gas or oil fuelled boilers for heating. It is likely that electric heating will be the main technology used. Heat pump technology is one popular solution and this page will signpost you to the differences between air source and ground source technologies.

Introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps in Humshaugh

See David Still explain the options for installing Air Source Heat Pumps in Humshaugh

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

ASHP's can easily be added to many types of properties.

Introduction to ASHP

George Clarke demonstrates how one air source technology works  - other manufacturer's are available!

Benefits of ASHP

Vaillant is another popular air source technology.

ASHP - a good idea?

A user gives his opinion of whether they are good idea for Scotland - we are not too far from Scotland!!

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

GSHP's use the surrounding ground to extract heat and there are two options- either "slinkies" in a trench or boreholes.

GSHP Part 1

How do they work and how do you install?  Part 1

GSHP Part 2

Part 2 - the conclusion of the installation.

GSHP Borehole Installation

How boreholes are used  in a GSHP installation